"I’ve been acting for 16 years. I’ve never done it for money or that stupid freaking f-word: Fame. I’ve never done if for any other reason than I love being on a movie set and I love bringing truth to the screen."

Dylan O’Brien at The Maze Runner screening in Toronto
"It didn't take much persuasion," he recalls. "If you find something you're good at and you enjoy doing it and you're able to make a     living out of it, that's what everyone strives for. 
I already had that at 10." (x)
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bone of the father, unknowingly given…flesh of the servant, willingly sacrificed…blood of the enemy, forcibly taken

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe for TV Guide Magazine 2014

Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdiere : Men’s Fashion Fall Issue

Not seeing them, it’s not the same as forgetting. Is it?

''September 22. Nothing.''
—Franz Kafka, Diaries 1914-1923   (via ekstaas)